Real estate data is a mess – fragmented, incomplete, unreliable. Legacy processes are inefficient, reactive, time-intensive. Local intelligence captured on the field is simply discarded. The scientific and technological resources and expertise required to overcome these fundamental flaws are expensive, in high demand, and rarely available to real estate firms. learn more…

The Ultimate Real Estate Data Platform
The Most Advanced AI Assistant

Unifying Data and AI: a Plug-And-Play, Pay-As-You-Grow, 100% Serverless Groundbreaking Platform Specifically Built For The Real Estate Industry.


iReal pioneers technology that brings speed, proactive engagement, hyper-personalisation, and instant gratification to real estate companies and their clients.

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Access iReal AI & Machine Learning engine and data through RESTfull APIs.


A highly secure decentralised and distributed server-less real estate data platform and AI engine. Transform your organisation’s tedious manual strategies and processes into AI & Machine Learning assisted tasks.


Use iReal Geo-targeting to forecast revenues from future constructions and/or renovation projects.


Wow your clients with instant hyper-personalised answers. Increase productivity and reduce the time to complete a task from hours to mere seconds. Close the deal.

Real Estate Brokerage

Take advantage of iReal AI to gain full visibility & intelligence into comparables. Your AI assistant takes into account all offers & sold properties to date.


Add power to your investment decisions with real-time intelligence into rental and sales estimations. Eliminate inefficiencies in matching supply and demand.


Increase ROI with real-time valuation of your mortgage portfolio. Productively manage a higher volume of loans.


Secure your client’s loan by using real-time and instant property valuation for mortgage applications.

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In a world where time is the most valuable commodity, iReal reduces industry professionals’ workload from hours to mere seconds.

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iReal is a multi-stage & multi-instance machine learning platform. While the overall data training occurs on the cloud, a local AI instance runs on the device, making it super responsive as well as accurate.

Featured Tools

Appraisal AI Toolbox

Get Intelligence; Fine-tune Comparables; Today’s Value Of Property.

Thousands of Criteria

A.I. Turns Listing Description To Search Filters.

A.I. Assistant

Interactive A.I. Real Estate Assistant.

Virtual Tour Books

Create digital tour books in minutes.

Stacking View

A better representation of the property and available spaces.

Portfolio Management

Finance, Appraisal, Search, etc. per Portfolio and Client.

A.I. Rating

Best-Value-For-Money Among Selected Properties.


Find Properties Based On Financial Preferences.

Superfast Search

More Than 100x faster than MLS® and REALTOR®.


Point At A Building & See All Available Units.

Instant Share

Precisely Share Your Search Formulas, Comparables and Your Favorites with Ease.

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Access Properties, Search, Comparables, etc. with 1-click.

Let iReal do your chores, so you can work on the important stuff.

iReal puts you in the driving seat of AI. Through an intuitive design, it provides advanced features such as Real-time Appraisal, Investment Rating, AI Assistant, GIS functionality, and much more. It also mines and converts all related public & private documents and information to searchable filters and criteria, while using AR, NLP and screen to visualise both query and data.

A ground-breaking Real Estate Data Platform with made-to-measure AI and NLP Engines